15 Sep 2020

Starting from September 2020 the latest release of sliding gate actuator made in Comunello will be available for sale.

Attention and continuous confrontation with the market allowed us to make significant improvements: the new Fort is more performing and practical to install.

The adjustments were carried out by an internal team of engineers, who followed all the phases of product realization: starting from the collection of specifications to the design and the tests.


The clean and essential design has been maintained, to give Fort 2020 elegance and discretion to suit high quality residential context.

The external structure’s materials have been changed, making a more solid actuator: this is confirmed by an increasing of 24% of the weight (new version weighs 12,5 Kgs).

The new foundation in die cast aluminium provides more toughness and stability on its fixing points to the ground.

The external cover has been varnished with anti-UV treatment to give a complete protection from sunlight also in conditions of heavy irradiation.

foto articolo new fort

The new metal release lever with integrated cylinder is very practical, allows the actuator to be released in manual mode.

Last but not least, the lateral fixing screw in stainless steel, easily reachable with both a screwdriver and a wrench, which allows an easier installation even in the case of a position near a column.


Fort 2020 is more performing also in terms of speed, reaching nominal and slowing values up to 0,28 m/s.

The precision of the movement is guaranteed by the encoder system, included in all product’s versions.

Safety and reliability are secured by an obstacle detection system through current absorption or encoder.


Starting from the bottom, we found immediately four fixing points to the ground, that allow a more stable and long-lasting anchorage.

Four steel grains at the bottom of the actuator consent a precise regolation in height and planarity.

Among the pluses of this new version, an element of major practicity for the installer is certainly the much wider cable passage equipped with rubber protection, which prevents the entrance of bugs and impurities.

Going up to the central part of the actuator, in the 24V versions, the compartment dedicated to the buffer battery has been expanded.

Finally, it is worth remembering one of the distinctive and most appreciated features of Comunello’s Fort: its programming convenience allowed by the HP control unit positioned horizontally and placed on the top of the actuator.

foto articolo new fort copia


More improvements have also been carried out in terms of storage and transport by modifying the product packaging.

The addition of a side handle allows for easier and safer product movement.

The redistribution of spaces and the new internal packaging gives more protection to all the components of the kit.

Moreover, a detailed instruction manual matched by a quick guide will make the installation experience faster and more intuitive.


The product is available on the market starting from September, with the complete range in the 24V, 230V and One versions.

Download the Pdf to see all the technical information about this extraordinary actuator