Acceptance of the Corporate Identity Guideline document

Fratelli Comunello S.p.A. and it’s Divisions Logos have only to be used for and with Comunello’s products or contexts that would involve the Company.
The identity of the brand, the versions, colors, fonts and applications should not vary in any case. Adaptations or applications not included in this guide should not be correct and could damage the global image of the Company. Therefore is strictly forbidden to reproduced the trade mark unless otherwise specified in this guide.
The Fratelli Comunello product’s pictures have always to be matched with the watermark on the image and the Company or Division Logo on the page that include the image; any exception to what specified in this guide is prohibited, otherwise approved by the Marketing Department of Fratelli Comunello S.p.A, submitted at marketing@
The images provided by Fratelli Comunello Company must not be modified in any case and especially without the authorization of the Marketing Department.
You always have to indicate the Fratelli Comunello’s website (www. when you use products image, technical sheet, etc.
Every kind of material (banner, brochures, catalogues, adv pages, etc.) produced with the use of Comunello images, photos, logos or other kind of materials provided by the Company must be send in digital version to the Marketing Department of Fratelli Comunello S.p.A. for archiving.
The condition agreement contained on this guide must be accepted by giving back this page to with date, stamp of you company and signature of the person in charge, with an iindication of their position held.
In case of termination of the business relationship, or at the expressed request from Fratelli Comunello S.p.A, the use of the Identity would be no more allowed.
If there would be any doubts and/or questions in relation to the implementation of this guide, please feel free to contact us:
Fratelli Comunello S.p.A. – Marketing Department +39 0424 585111 –

Document for Use of the Material

Fratelli Comunello Spa delivers the photographic and documentary material and/or other material of its own products and any other requested material to the registered user in order for it to be used to advertise and market exclusively the products of the company F.lli Comunello.
The purpose of this document is to protect Fratelli Comunello S.p.A. from the unauthorized and/or inappropriate use of the photographic and documentary material, and of any other type of material supplied to external parties, at their request.
Any use of said material in a manner that has not been agreed upon or is harmful or may cause damage to the global image of the Company is prohibited.
Any use of said material for commercial purposes that are inappropriate or have not been agreed upon, which may cause financial and/or judicial damage to the Company is prohibited.
Any non-compliant use of the material constitutes an improper, and therefore unauthorised use, which entitles Fratelli Comunello S.p.A. to seek protection, in court or otherwise, of its rights, including image rights, that have been harmed by each undue use of its material.
In case of unauthorised use, Fratelli Comunello S.p.A. shall request the immediate cessation of the offence, the destruction of the materials on which it appears and compensation for any damage suffered.
Fratelli Comunello S.p.A. – Marketing Department +39 0424 585111 –