This is an innovative data transmission system that ensures actuator movements are correctly coordinated during opening and closing cycles, providing perfect closing even on very wide doors and windows.

The extremely accurate stroke control means that W-net guarantees that movements are stopped immediately in the unlikely case of a fault. Connecting the units is extremely simple as it requires no additional control units and just three wires for data transmission over an RS485 serial port. W-net can be used with between 2 and 4 motors and is fully compatible with our integrated remote control.




The automatic remote management of homes, business premises, public spaces and infrastructures has become an increasingly fundamental part of architectural and urban design projects.

The Mowin Open App is a web application which exploits the flexibility and global reach of the Cloud to be compatible with all digital platforms from computers to tablets to smartphones as well as with any OS. But more than this, these systems can be managed as effectively from any part of the world as they can from any part of the house or business premises.



WBUS GATE is a wireless remote monitoring device with an integrated web server capable of working over GSM / GPRS / HSPA cellular and LAN / WLAN data networks. The unit provides fully-automated constant monitoring of electrical process parameters as well as the remote control of WBUS electronic actuators and other electronic systems. WBUS can handle up to 255 simultaneous openings.