08 Jun 2021

In order to continue the improvement and to offer new services to our customers, we have completely renewed the Technical Assistance Service.

The innovations have been carried out to improve the comunication between our company and professionists, taking advantage of modern technologies like augmented reality and distance learning platforms.

The new Comunello Service Deparment has a dedicated web site www.comunello.com/it/service where you can check all the services available for the customers.

Let’s have a look specifically at the news offered by Fratelli Comunello Service Department.

Augmented reality for remote technical assistance

1200 02 REALTIME Background

The most important improvement is the Comunello Service App, which allows you to manage the on filed support  from remote. Moreover, this tool allows to create a direct and real time relation between Comunello technicians and the professionist.

This is possible thanks to augmented reality, which allows the trasmission in real time of what the installer sees, thanks to the use of an electronic device.

In order to take advantage of the service, it is necessary to have an Apple or Android device (as smartphones or tablets), in which the professionist will download the Acty app. The download of the app is available through a link shared directly by Fratelli Comunello Service Department, or through the scan of the Qr code on the website https://comunello.com/service/realtime .

Once the download is completed on the device, the professionist will be able to ask for the assistance of the company’s technician, who will contact the customer.

Thanks to an interactive videocall, Fratelli Comunello’s technician will be able to identify the problem rapidly and effectively. At the same time, the installer will be able to solve the issue thanks to the prompt and accurate technician’s indications.

The augmented reality app of Fratelli Comunello Service is also useful for receiving more clear and accurate pre or post sales’ information.

This new technology represents a big step forward in service’s management, because it allows to avoid misunderstandings caused by the unseen damaged products, or by an imprecise language during the conversation by phone or e-mail.

Furthemore, using the application, the lenght of the assistance is significantly reduced both for the installer and the technician.

Learning courses for professionists


Safety have always represent a very imporant theme for our reality. In collaboration whit Confabit, we have therefore scheduled a calendar of courses, whose primary topic is the safety norms.

The goal of these activities, that are completely for free, is to train professionists by technical and normative point of view.

The use of remote formation platform allows us also to carry out  specific trainings about Fratelli Comunello’s products and systems. The activity, which started during the first lockdown, has been very successful as confirmed by customers and retailers. This is why, also with the relaxing of the safety dispositions, we have decided to renew the proposal to the end of 2021 and for the years to come.

To remain updated on the upcoming training activities, we have created a specific area: