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Swing gateCONDOR 500 S Icons CONDOR 500 S

Condor 500 S is a robust, compact, ambidextrous articulated arm actuator with on-board control unit.

Suitable for mounting on narrow pillars starting from 120 mm, it guarantees absolute security in case of emergency as well as maximum power output from elevated torque. Condor 500 S is equipped with double limit switches in both opening and closing.

Different articulated arms are available to adapt the automation to a wide range of installation dimensions and assembly needs.
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Elettronica di comando HP
  • 24V and 230V version for 1 or 2 motors
  • Suitable for actuators with or without encoder
  • Autoprogramming of the high precision stroke thanks to the encoder management
  • Indicator LEDs for simple and immediate diagnostics
  • Precise obstacle detection using the Encoder (in both 24V and 230V versions)
  • Equipped with removable radio receiver and data storage
  • The dedicated 'Indicator Light ' output allows to signal the position status of the gate
  • Regulation of speed, forces and sensitivity by trimmers
  • In the 230V version are available a 24V flashing output and a 230V flashing output, that can be programmed as Courtesy Lights